Managing My Own Change Excellence Criteria – Self-assessment Work Book (ekirja) – Ritva Ranta & Sirkku Ruutu & Kari Tuominen


The book introduces two supervisors, Simo and Ville. They are both respected and knowledgeable in their field. However, they seem to have a different way of approaching and acting. Both have done well in their workplace, but you can judge for yourself which is more for your business and for yourself. The book does not seek to teach what is right and what is wrong.

The examples of Simon and Wille illustrate the differences between the two approaches and allow you to evaluate your own practices and set your own habits and goals. “I recommend the book to a wide audience: supervisors, team leaders, accountable, ordinary employees who have the opportunity to plan their own work and get their fingerprints on the job.” Matti Alpola, Master of Education, Supervisor and Developer.

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The organisation's performance must be continually improved. However, the organization will only evolve as we change and our skills evolve. An organization's development goals will only be achieved when our own development goals are met, as long as they are in line with the organisation's development goals.

The book introduces two knowledgeable and respected leaders in their field, Simo and Ville. However, they seem to have a different way of acting and approaching things. Both have been successful in their work. However, it is up to you to judge which way of working has been more beneficial to them, to the company. Through the differences between Simon's and Wille's ways of working, you can evaluate your own way of doing things and set goals that are right for you.

Watching two different performances can also give you new insights into your own activities. In this way, hopefully setting and refining your goals will give you the courage to act in a new way. Well started is half done! The book was first published in 2006. This version of the book has the same content as the original book. writers:

Sirkku Ruutu is a psychologist (PsM, University of Turku 1996), educator (KM University of Turku 1994), solution-focused Psychotherapist & Reteaming coach (LTI, Helsinki 2002) His areas of expertise include work community development projects and wellbeing training as well as managerial coaching programs.

Educational themes include: leadership self-knowledge, learning styles, work and leisure emphasis, stress management and coping techniques, change management, challenging managerial and subordinate discussions, developmental discussions, diversity management, coaching, personalized feedback, personal assessment of managerial skills, facilitation of 360-feedback, and coaching. sirkku.ruutu@siria.fi Kari Tuominen has held leadership and development positions in Finnish, international companies both in Finland and abroad for a total of 26 years.

Tuominen has been Managing Director of Oy Benchmarking Ltd since 1996. As a management consultant, he has trained and directed business process development programs and benchmarking processes for companies. He has been the Principal Judge of the Finnish Quality Award in 1995, 1996 and 1997. He is a NLP trainer. Previous books: Benchmarking Process Guide, MET, 1993 Master of Change Management, Quality Center 1999 Managing Change: Practical Strategies for Competitive Advantage, ASQ Quality Press, USA 2000 ChangeManager Pro - self-assessment product line kari.tuominen@benchmarking.fi Ritva Ranta, Social Psychologist (M.Sc., University of Tampere) and Engineer (RI, Turku University of Technology).

He is an expert in collaboration and leadership. He has extensive experience in developing and coaching public and private sector organizations as a researcher, consultant and coach. His areas of expertise include personnel development, productivity, change processes and personnel surveys. Ritva Ranta is currently working on a doctoral thesis on organizational development at the Department of Social Research, University of Tampere, on how to combine productivity and well-being at work in a successful development project.


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